The Forests Weaver



On occasion of the World Poetry Day 2021 celebrations, Hermitage Editions / Edizioni dell’Eremo publishes a selection of Tiziano Fratus‘ poems titled The Forests Weaver – Il tessitore di foreste.

Forewords by Professor Serenella Iovino (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill), translations by Eleonora Matarrese and Pasquale Verdicchio.

54 poems divided into five sections or houses: A box of leaves, Trees around Auschwitz, Notes from a Stream, Roots, Poems in shape of a Seed.

From the forewords: «One of the most original and important Italian nature writers and poets, Tiziano Fratus is also something more: he is a “tree-seeker” and a philosopher […] Elaborating an imaginative anthropology of woods in which roots, landscape, sounds, and time converge in his notion of “dendrosophy”, a theory of arboreal wisdom and an ar

t of living, Fratus follows the trees in the forests of the world» Serenella Iovino University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

You can download the selection at this following link: