Dendrosophies in North America and Europe


The dendrosophic and ecosophist thought of Tiziano Fratus has been translated in english and published in essays and other publications. Here a selection of them.


Landscapes, Natures, Ecologies
Edited by Serebella Iovino, Franco Cesaretti, Elena Past
Publisher: University of Viginia Press – Charlottesville, 2018
ISBN – 9780813941073 |  282 pp. | Prezzo: 32.50 US$

Bringing together new writing by some of the field’s most compelling voices from the United States and Europe, this is the first book to examine Italy–as a territory of both matter and imagination–through the lens of the environmental humanities. The contributors offer a wide spectrum of approaches–including ecocriticism, film studies, environmental history and sociology, eco-art, and animal and landscape studies–to move past cliché and reimagine Italy as a hybrid, plural, eloquent place. Among the topics investigated are post-seismic rubble and the stratifying geosocial layers of the Anthropocene, the landscape connections in the work of writers such as Calvino and Buzzati, the contaminated fields of the ecomafia’s trafficking, Slow Food’s gastronomy of liberation, poetic birds and historic forests, resident parasites, and nonhuman creatures.

Contributors: Marco Armiero, Royal Institute of Technology at Stockholm * Franco Arminio, Writer, poet, and filmmaker * Patrick Barron, University of Massachusetts * Damiano Benvegnù, Dartmouth College and the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics * Viktor Berberi, University of Minnesota, Morris * Rosi Braidotti, Utrecht University * Luca Bugnone, University of Turin * Enrico Cesaretti, University of Virginia *Almo Farina, University of Urbino * Sophia Maxine Farmer, University of Wisconsin-Madison * Serena Ferrando, Colby College * Tiziano Fratus, Writer, poet, and tree-seeker * Matteo Gilebbi, Duke University * Andrea Hajek, University of Warwick * Marcus Hall, University of Zurich * Serenella Iovino, University of Turin * Andrea Lerda, freelance curator * Roberto Marchesini, Study Center of Posthuman Philosophy in Bologna * Marco Moro, Editor-in-Chief of Edizioni Ambiente, Milan * Elena Past, Wayne State University * Carlo Petrini, Founder of International Slow Food Movement * Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan, Miami University (Ohio)* Monica Seger, College of William and Mary * Pasquale Verdicchio, University of California, San Diego



Air, soil, water, forests. A heritage that needs preserving and enriching
Edited by Marco Moro
Publisher: Edizioni Ambiente – Milan, 2018
ISBN – 9788866272595 |  232 pp. | Prezzo: 19.90 €

A book supported by Ministero dell’Ambiente and Connect4Climate (World Bank)

Is Italy a rich country? If we think in terms of Natural Capital, then it would appear that Italy is one of the richest countries in the world. However, what exactly is Natural Capital and why is it useful to measure and quantify it? Taking inspiration from the data that each year is collected and elaborated by the Ministry of the Environment, this book guides us towards an understanding of what Natural Capital does for us, and what we can do to safeguard and even enrich it. An exploration that delves into the language of economics, natural sciences and the many forms of knowledge that have an unbreakable link to nature. It is truly surprising to learn what and how many these are.

Preface by Sergio Costa
Introduction by Maria Carmela Giarratano and Francesco La Camera
The Value of Nature in the Anthropocene by Pavan Sukhdev

Part One – Testimonials
Let’s Talk About Forests and Urban Forestation to Redesign the World we live in – Stefano Boeri and Maria Chiara Pastore
The Health of Mankind is the Health of the Planet – Lucio Cavazzoni
Beauty will Save the World – Mimmo Calopresti
Nature’s Freedom – Paolo Cognetti
From Natural Capital to Universal Value – Erri De Luca
The Forest Living Within Us – Tiziano Fratus
Wine is Nature – Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga
The True Wealth of the World – Riccardo Iacona
You Only Need one Wing to Fly – Marta Maggetti
We are Eating up our Capital (the Natural one) – Luca Mercalli
Rock is my Natural Capital – Adam Ondra
The Seasons and Their Gifts – Giancarlo Perbellini

Part Two – Analysis and Valuations
Pressure Factorson the Atmosphere
Pressure Factors on Water
Pressure Factors on the Sea

Climate Change and Forests
Data on Forestation
The Incidence of Forest Fires
Box European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS)
Box Data from the EFFIS European Fire Database
Soil use
Desertification and Fragmentation
Effects on Landscape
ISPRA/SNPA Data on Soil Consumption
Data on Urbanisation
Box “Sprinkling”: an Urbanisation Model in Stark Contrast to “Sprawl”
Agricultural Land
Compost: More Carbon in Soils and Less CO2 in the Air
Increasing “Wet” Waste Collection
Box The Importance of Organic Carbon in Soil
The use of Compost in Agricolture
Conservation of Biodiversity
Hydrological Budget
Box The Drought of 2017

Accounting and Statistical Systems for Natural Capital nd Ecosystem Services
Classification: Ecosystem Assets and Abiotic Resources
Monetary Value: Conceptual Peculiarities and Utility
Accounting and Assessment Methodologies
An Application of SEEA-EEA Accounting in Italy
Box System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)
Studies on the Economic Valuation of NC and ESs in Italy

The Value of Wellbeing
Biodiversity Also Means Cultural Wealth
The Need to not Schematising Excessively… but Also the Need to Find a Method
Box Literature Review on the General Characteristics of Cultural Ecosystem Services
Knowing the Opinions of Interested Parties is Essential
Box Experimenting with 5 Italian National Parks

The Encounter Between Ecological Theory and Economic Theory
The People and the Ideas

European Regulatory References
New Relevant Legislation Concerning Natural Capital
Discipline on BES Indicators in the DEF

The Founding Law, Objectives and Functioning
Members of the Natural Capital Committee



The Week of the Festival: Parole Spalancate, Genoa, Italy
Versopolis Poetry Magazine, June 2019



Exercises of Arboreal Communion
Bilingual texts, translation edited by Kathryn Lake
Publisher: Bolis edizioni, Bergamo
Hardcover, 104 pp, € 24
ISBN 9788878274235

54 photographies in a lutheran black and white, notes from travelogues in North America, Japan and Europe. Two poems and an introduction by mountain historian Giuseppe Mendicino.



Exposition and catalog edited by Daniela Berta e Andrea Lerda
Publisher: Museo Nazionale della Montagna & L’Artistica Savigliano, 2019
128 pp. | Prezzo: 19.00 € | Bilingual edition italian / english

Tree Time condenses past experiences, present warnings and hopes for the future. The project developed its programmatic path by explicity drawing on a number of thematically significant moments from the past. The Tree Time exhibition stems from a need, now as back then, to respond to a pressing problem and a historical requirement to care for the vegetal universe. It it time, indeed, for fresh reflection on the concepts of tree care and health; time to re-cognise “the beneficial effects produced by forests in Hydraulic, Metereological, Hygienic, Social and Aesthetic terms”.

Tree Time, among art, history and sciences
Daniela Berta

The time of trees and trans-sociality
Andrea Lerda

Storm Adrian, a Predicted Forestry Disaster
Nicola La Porta

Fragile forests
Paola Favero

Ermenegildo Zegna’s green thinking
Anna Zegna

Radico Ergo Sum
Tiziano Fratus

Plant Health, Aliens and Climate Change
Maria Lodovica Gullino

Historical scientific contents
Matteo Garbelotto

Works by Vittorio Sella, Steve Peters, Gabriela Albergaria, Hannes Egger, Walter Bonatti, Jiri Havel, Paola Angelini, Lucy and Jorge Orta, Santeri Tuori, Luca Andreoni, Giusy Pirrotta, Sunmin Park, Giuseppe Penone, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ursula Biemannand Paulo Tavares, Thomas Berra, Aron Demetz, Wlfgang Tillmans, Giorgia Severi, Uriel Orlow, Craig Richards, Marzia Migliora, Iikka Halso, Gabriella Ciancimino, Halen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Joseph Beuys

Special photographical project: Radico Ergo Sum by Tiziano Fratus