Buddha in the Woods



Starting from the concep-seed of Homo Radix, deep and intimate research of a migrant and natural identity, they are born the discipline of Dendrosophy and an everyday practice of meditation in nature, ispired by zen practice, and figures so telluric as Eihei Dogen, Yotaku Bankei, Huang Po, Kodo Sawaki and many others. Fratus develops a wild, sylvan, woody spiritual buddhist practice that he’s calling silvo-buddismo (wood-buddhism) or eco-buddismo (eco-buddhism).

Fratus sewed also a sort of definition (not to be considered “seriously”) :

Wood or Eco buddhism – s. m. [from lat. selva, wood, from greek oikos, home, land, environment] – Practice of meditation in the woods, inspired by buddhist patriarches’ teachings and trainings, in the past and in the present times; it considers exercises of seated meditation (zazen) and walking meditation, reading of classics and writing poems. It is preferably to make experience into the wild distant forests in the mountains, or in woods in the countryside, but it is possible also in arboretum and private or public city gardens.


The deep voice of a master – Kodo Sawaki, the yadonashi, the man without home.