Papergardens & Paperforests



Tiziano Fratus’ photography has been exhibited in personal shows in museums, galleries, bookstores, natural parks and botanical gardens spaces. First it was a naturalistic photography dedicated to Big monumental Trees in Italy, Us and Singapore; after there is a research on black and white woods, roots and barks photography, a project titled Arborgrammaticus published also in a bilingual book edited by Bolis. Last it is a minimal photography in studio, capturing shadows, veins and gemetries of flowers, cones and leaves. Here some samples of this language of the light.




The book

Esercizi di comunione arborea
Exercises of Arboreal Communion

Publisher: Bolis edizioni
Bilingual text, Italian/English
Translations edited by Kathryn Lake
Hardback, 104 pp, € 24,oo
ISBN 9788878274235

54 photographs and notes from travelogues in North America, Europe and Japan. Two creaturing poems. Introduction by mountain historical Giuseppe Mendicino.



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